Chlorine Generators – A Very Fine Design?


The Salt Water Pool Craze

Have you heard about salt water pools? Most people have. In fact, the salt water pool craze has taken the pool industry by storm with incredible interest and numbers of installations on the rise across the nation you might assume that salt water pools are the leading edge of pool technology. The new and improved pool solution right? In fact, you might assume they are a “Very Fine Design.”

chlorine generator

What are the Breakthrough Advantages?

Well, there are some things that salt water pools do better than standard chlorination methods. For one thing, they eliminate the need to buy, transport, and store dangerous pool chlorine products that are sold commercially for pool care. They also manufacture a chlorine product that is not filled with the typical irritating stabilizers and ingredients that store bought chlorine contains.

Eliminates Commercially Bought Chlorine Productspool chemicals chlorine

In fact, up to 90% of commercially purchased chlorine is additional elements and not pure chlorine. This is a part of the itching skin, difficult breathing, red burning eyes, funny colored hair, etc. problems with standard chlorinated pools. Salt water pools or chlorine generator pools do not produce these joint problems because the chlorine produced does not include the added chemicals common to standard chlorinated pool systems.

Reduction from Pool Chemical Hazards

Salt water pools or chlorine generator pools do not require the purchase, transportation, storage, exposure, and handling of dangerous chlorine products. Accidents due to chlorine exposure are not a problem, and people allergic to standard chlorinated pools are usually able to swim comfortably in these chlorine generated pool systems.


But is it a Very Find Design?

All of these elements point to our exacting standards for a “Very Fine Design.” The problem with these systems can be the original cost to get started. While dumping chlorine and commercial chemicals into your pool may not be environmentally conscious it is economical in the short term. Getting started with a salt water pool system is a large expense up front. Though putting salt into a pool to generate your chlorine may keep you from dangerous chemical exposure, the cost of the units themselves, and then the hundreds of pounds of salt you add to your pool water soon add up.

More Drawbacks…salt water pool problems

Add to the problem that salt is a corrosive substance, harsh on pool equipment, landscaping, hardscaping, etc. and you start to see the problems.

Other problems include the fact that to generate enough chlorine to meet your pools demand requires constant pumping and filtering of the pool water to pump water through the salt chlorinator cell and your pools electrical costs and wear and tear on equipment all increase. Let’s add to the equation the fact that salt chlorinator cells are terribly expensive, and they are short lived in the standard salt water pool operating system. They can be hard to clean, and build up quickly shortens their life span. They are converting a salt water concentration that is not energy or cell efficient for optimal chlorine production. Ph is forever a battle with the conventional salt in the pool system making ph a constant battle.

So we start to see that though salt water pools are a novel idea, they are not practical from a cost comparison or simplicity of use standpoint.


So how does this fit into our Very Fine Design concept?

Well, imagine this for a moment. What if you could take all the advantages of a salt water pool system utilizing chlorine generator technology and eliminate the disadvantages?


  • What if we could make salt cell cleaning a simple push button process?


  • What if you could increase cell efficiency and optimize chlorine production?Chlorine Generator Advantages


  • What if there was a simple built-in system for Ph control?


  • What if you could take the salt out of the pool and eliminate corrosion, conductivity, and electrolysis problems?


  • What if you didn’t have to run your pumps and filters endlessly to meet chlorine demands?


  • What if you could make it simple to use, and economical to operate?


  • What if you could increase cell life and performance?


You Would Have a Breakthrough!

Then you would have a breakthrough in pool water sanitation and maintenance. Then you would indeed have a very fine design. The folks over at Chlorine Genie Inc. have done just that with their “Pool Water Management System.” Take a look at some of their Chlorinator videos on YouTube

Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generators

Introducing The Chlorine Genie “Very Fine Design”

Essentially it’s everything the salt water pool was supposed to be but fell short on. If you are looking for a Very Fine Design to meet your pool water needs, look no further than the Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generator. Their design is constructed to bring you the best of salt water pools without the problems, headaches, hidden expenses, and drawbacks of the salt in the pool salt water pool design. Check out the Chorine today. It gets our vote for a “Very Fine Design.”